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Having second thoughts? Enjoy our amazing offer of 2 free trial classes for every course to evaluate our premium learning environment and expert teachers

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We offer 24/7 teaching services for all our courses. Learn when you want, where you want, at the ease of your schedule and your home.

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Female Teachers

If you’re looking for female teachers for your kids, you’ve come to the right place. We have the best and most experienced female teachers available for your family for every age of student.

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Our Featured Courses

Al Bushra Quran Academy is an online platform that brings teachers and students together to learn Quran, Tajweed and Arabic through personalized courses specially designed to make learning easy.
All our courses will guide you through every step under the guidance of our esteemed teachers.


Our Beginner Course is designed to set you on the path to learn Quran with passion and dedication. Learn to recite Quran with Tajweed rules from our devoted teachers in one on one sessions. The individual attention pattern will encourage a faster learning and help build a strong foundation for the future Quranic learning.

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Whether you are seeking to memorize few chapters or the entire Quran, this course will guide you through the process of memorizing Quran under the supervision of experienced Huffaz. Learn techniques of memorization and follow a straight forward pattern to make the process of learning efficient and reliable.

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As the third and final step of our journey to Quran, we offer a beautifully detailed and comprehensive course on translation of Quran as well as the Tafseer to make Quran a deeper and meaningful part of your life. Learn in detail the background and meaning of every verse of Quran with our Tafseer Course.

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About us

Al Bushra Academy

Al Bushra means “The Good News” and we find great pleasure in bringing you this news that you can now learn everything about Quran; language, translation, recitation and comprehension, on this online platform. This is a unique opportunity for you and your family to reshape your lives according to Quran and Sunnah. We follow and teach Islamic ways and values to our students and alight in them the passion to follow the right path in their lives.

Al Bushra Quran Academy is the ultimate learning experience that fulfills the hope to recite and understand Quran for both you and your family. Initially starting at one tutor level, Al Bushra Quran has evolved over the years to 10+ teachers and our goal is to bring Quranic education to your homes and make comprehension of Quran easier for you and your family.

We are grateful to our satisfied students for their encouraging and appreciative reviews that has helped us grow tremendously over the years.


Years of Positive Experience


Dedicated Teachers


Satisfied Students


Teaching Hours

Our Students FeedbAck

Masha Allah, I'm very impressed by the teacher of Al Bushra Quran Academy. They have great teachers with best recitation and good attitude that encourage students towards learning. My son's teacher is very patient and compassionate towards him during all his classes. He has made learning Quran an amazing experience for him and he makes sure his student is satisfied with the learning process at each stage. The teacher puts in great effort to make students love Quran and to find a place for it in their hearts.
Alhamdulillah, we are fully satisfied with the dedication showed by the teacher of Al Bushra Quran Academy towards Quran as well as teaching Quran to others. My son has great respect and admiration for his teacher and waits eagerly for each lesson. We pray that Allah SWT reward him for his service towards Quran and for making it a part of our lives as well. Ameen.

Umm Ibraheem Wa Abdullah

I found this website through my friend and I'm very impressed with its structure. Al Bushra Quran Academy is very dedicated towards Quran learning and teaching and teachers are focused and patient too. I have multiple family members who use this teaching platform to learn Quran and Tajweed and we all are very impressed. I would recommend this to everyone who is starting on their journey to learn to recite Quran. The timing is as per our schedule so it’s really easy to work around the class timings. The teacher makes sure we are not making any mistakes before moving on so they really take time to practice as much as we want. Their Tajweed is very accurate and recitation is excellent which helps and motivates the learning process. I will try their other courses in future as well because of how much I like their teaching style and pattern.

Endrit Selita

My teacher is imam and prays taraweeh so he has a very strong memory and his recitation skills are very good too. His Tajweed skills are accurate and it's easy to learn from him because of one-on-one sessions so there are no distractions. I find Al Bushra Quran Academy very affordable for me both in terms of price and timings. It's easy to learn with my busy schedule now and the teacher is extremely dedicated and sincere.
Al Bushra has female teachers as well who are very good at teaching young kids as well as adults. This is the option I hardly find in my area so it was a very good decision to use Al Bushra to find female teachers. Because of so many options, I will be using Al Bushra in the future for my family and to learn more courses. It's a great experience.


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